Biological Process Removes Nitrogen from Water Without Creating a Waste Stream

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Acid mine drainage (AMD), produced from coal and mineral mining operations, presents a difficult and costly problem.
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Published by Treatment Plant Operator (TPO) magazine.

Nitrate contamination in drinking water can be a health concern, and it’s becoming more widespread in groundwater supplies in the U.S. and around the world. Traditionally, processes to treat groundwater for nitrate have been capital intensive and costly to operate. They also produce secondary waste streams that need to be managed responsibly.

Now, an alliance involving WesTech Engineering and Microvi has introduced the Microvi MNE process for groundwater nitrate removal. The process uses biocatalyst technology in which microorganisms actively convert nitrate to nitrogen gas, which is simply released to the atmosphere. The natural process yields no sludge, brine, or reject water. 

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