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Long Island is a long, slender island, located directly east of Manhattan in the southern tip of New York State. In the 20th century, the north shore of Long Island earned the nickname of “Gold Coast” and attracted large private estates of the likes of the Vanderbilts, Roosevelts, Whitneys, Charles Pratt, J.P. Morgan, F.W. Woolworth, and others. The western end of the island includes Brooklyn and Queens, while the eastern tip includes the famous Hamptons.

Long Island has always been the getaway place for the rich and famous of New York. The beautiful vistas of the north shore, white sandy beaches of the outer barrier islands, and world-class fishing attract people from all over the state. As more and more people take on a longer commute in exchange for a home outside the congested cities, the population continues to increase. Long Island has moved up to be the most-populated island in the U.S., and the 17th most-populous island in the world.

With the explosion of the population, public utilities have needed to be upgraded and/or replaced.

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