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Silver Creek, NY - SuperSand™ Filters Improve TSS Removal, Exceed New York Requirements
The Village of Silver Creek is known for having once been a part of the shipping industry on Lake Erie.

Salmon, Idaho - SuperSand™ Continuous Backwash Filter
Known for its many all-season outdoor recreational activities, the City of Salmon and its surrounding area is a popular tourist attraction in central Idaho. Many of the popular activities depend on the Salmon River where the city’s wastewater treatment plant discharges.

Peach Lake, New York - Eliminating Phosphorus in Peach Lake - SuperSand™ Continuous Backwash Filters
WesTech was selected to provide tertiary treatment through SuperSand continuous backwash filters. These filters are housed within a small footprint with no moving parts.

Pace, Florida - Treatment Change of Pace - COP™ Clarifiers and OxyStream™ Oxidation Ditches
Through the use of WesTech's OxyStream BNR system and COP Clarifiers, Pace Water was able to increase capacity and simplify operations.

Franklin, Georgia - Tertiary Filter - Plant for Tertiary Treatment - The WWETCO FlexFilter™
The WWETCO Flexfilter™ from WesTech provides an efficient new solution for tertiary treatment.

Columbus, Georgia - Weracoba Creek Stormwater Treatment - Innovative Technology for Stormwater Treatment - WWETCO Compressed Media Filter
The Columbus Water Works of Columbus, GA, implemented a stormwater treatment system to protect the downstream public health and improve aquatic biology.

Columbus, Georgia - Uptown Park CSO Treatment - Uptown Park CSO Treatment - WWETCO Combined Sewer Overflow
Columbus, GA, implemented water quality monitoring, pilot studies and designs to control its combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharges to meet in-stream water quality standards in the Chattahoochee River.

Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District - Surface Aerator Retrofit - LANDY-7 Slow Speed Surface Aerators
For the most efficient and economical solution, Snyderville Basin selected the LANDY-7 surface aerator from WesTech to get their system up and running at capacity.

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority - 100 % Reuse - OxyStream™ 5 Stage BNR Systems and COP™ Secondary Clarification
The 19 acre Main Street Wastewater Treatment Plant had been in operation since the 1970's and began to require many upgrades.

Yakima, WA - Exceeding Expectations - DuoSphere™ Gasholder Membrane Covers
As a more economical and functional option than other gasholder covers, the DuoSphere provided Yakima with high volume gas storage.

Farmington, NM - Packaged Solution - ClearLogic™ MBR System
WesTech’s MBR produces Title 22 certified effluent in a compact footprint, making it an ideal choice.

Boca Raton, FL - Tertiary Treatment Effluent < 1 NTU - SuperSand™ Continuous Backwash Sand Filters
WesTech designed the continuous backwash filter system with a minimal waste stream for disposal or further treatment.

London, UK - Beckton Sewer Treatment Works
The existing scraper systems, prior to installing the ZICKERT Shark scrapers were conventional traveling bridge scrapers.

Franklin, GA - Heard County - Holistic Approach - CleanFlo™, All-In-One, Clarifier, STM-Aerotor™, FlexFilter™
The Heard County Water Authority serves more than 380 connections in and around Franklin, Georgia

Delafield, Wisconsin - Delafield-Hartland Water Pollution Control Commission
Since biosolids are a normal by-product of the wastewater treatment process, it only made perfect sense to put them to good use and reduce the cost of disposal.

City of Rzeszow - Sludge Removal and Odor Control - Zickert Shark™
The previously existing installation with conventional traveling bridge scrapers caused operational disturbances, especially in wintertime.

Patchogue, NY - Energy-Efficient Nutrient Removal Process - STM-Aerotors™ and COP™ Clarifiers
With a growing demand and an aging system, the existing equipment was operating past its design life and repairs were becoming more frequent and expensive.

Glendale Heights, IL - Retrofitting Traveling Bridge Filters - SuperDisc™ Filtration System
With an aging system, Glendale Heights needed to upgrade its tertiary treatment to continue to meet the TSS effluent standard.

Case Studies

Bolivar WTP, New York - Bolivar WTP Turns to AERALATER
Because the original treatment process was only utilizing chlorine and anti-corrosion chemicals, a more effective treatment process was needed.

Baldwin, GA - Clarifier Media Upgrade Decreases Waste Volume - Trident® Package Water Treatment Plant
The Trident process consists of upflow adsorption clarification followed by mixed media filtration in a packaged treatment system.

Greendale Water Co. - Dutch John, UT - UF Handles Spring Snowmelt, Future Growth - AltaPac™ Ultrafiltration System
The Greendale Water Company services the small area in and around Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.

Albuquerque, NM - ESSD™ Washtroughs, MULTIWASH™ Backwash and MULTICRETE™ II Underdrain
The City of Albuquerque needed to look into a new water source to provide 80-92 MGD of water to its 600,000 population.

Johnson County, Kansas - New Facility Pretreatment - Forced Draft Aerators and Solids CONTACT CLARIFIERS™
With the help of Westech's Solids CONTACT CLARIFIERS, operators a WaterOne consistently achieve set goals for total water hardness, pH and alkalinity.

Ontario, OR - Reducing Turbidity in Oregon - Reducing Turbidity in Oregon - Trident® Package Water Treatment Plant
With the help of the Trident package treatment plants, the City of Ontario easily increased its maximum flow capacity.

Castaic Lake, California - Clarifying Castaic Lake - SuperSettler™ Lamella Plate Clarifiers
The Castaic Lake Water Agency was able to increase total plant capacity while consistently meeting turbidity requirements.

Tar Heel, North Carolina - GAC Brings Home the Bacon - GAC Vertical Contactors
With the help of WesTech's GAC contactors, Lower Cape Fear Water & Sewer Authority is able to provide clean water to its users.

Clarks, Louisiana - Hydrogen Sulfide Removal - Forced Draft Aerator and Vertical Pressure Filters
Clarks, Louisiana services just over 350 water connections. The wells servicing the connections consistently produced poor quality water.

Columbus, Texas - Reduced Chemical Dose, Improved Water Quality - Forced Draft Aerator
By employing WesTech's forced draft aerator, hydrogen sulfide was reduced below the taste and odor threshold.

Fort Payne, Alabama - Reduce Chemical Dose, Improve Water Quality - Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™ with Tube Settlers
Before the solids CONTACT CLARIFIERS were installed, the water clarity onto the subsequent multimedia filters was so poor that the filter media could not be seen and backwash cycles were frequent.

Oklahoma City, OK - Targeted Treatment: Softening - Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER at the Hefner Water Treatment Plant
With the enhanced flocculation and accelerated softening provided by the Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER, WesTech improved the efficiency of the softening and clarification process at the Hefner Water Treatment Plant.

Henager, Alabama - Reduction of Disinfection By-Products - Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™ and Ultrafiltration Membrane
WesTech’s Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER and AltaFilter work together to improve High Point’s overall water quality by reducing turbidity, removing pathogens, and meeting secondary standards.

Ione, Washington - Removing Arsenic to Non-Detect - Vertical Pressure Filters
Residents of Ione are pleased with the quality of water produced from the new treatment plant. They no longer need to worry about clogged pipes or brown laundry.

LaBarge, WY - The Green River Turns Clear - Ultrafiltration and Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™
Through the clarification and membrane ultrafiltration process, water has consistently met or exceeded EPA standards since the beginning of operation.

Magna, Utah - Harmful Contaminants, Innovative Solution - GAC Contactors
The Magna Water District has received recognition for its forward thinking and role in advancing water treatment technology.

Jamieson Canyon, Napa, CA - Zero Liquid Discharge - Fill and Decant Backwash Clarifiers
With the new WesTech equipment, the city’s water reuse goals have been met and operations and maintenance have been simplified.

Tensas, LA - Meeting New Standards - Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™ and ModTech™ Filters
The existing plant, with ageing clarifiers and gravity filters, was more than 20 years old. The drive unit on the solids contact clarifier was frequently breaking down and gravity filter cells were not meeting performance expectations.

Victorville, CA - Proactive Arsenic Removal - Vertical Pressure Filters
By employing WesTech’s vertical pressure filters, Victor Valley is now in compliance with EPA regulations and consistently produces high quality water to the San Bernadino Valley.

Belvue, Kansas - Removal of Iron and Manganese - Horizontal Pressure Filters using TechnaGreen™ Media
To meet the secondary MCL for iron and manganese, Pottawatomie used cartridge filters followed by reverse osmosis (RO) for softening.

Santa Monica, CA - Harmful Contaminant Removal - GAC Contactors and Horizontal Pressure Filters
WesTech’s dual media horizontal pressure filters and GAC contactors reduced high concentrations of contaminants to a non-detectable level.

Fallon, NV - Pressure Filters for Arsenic Removal - Vertical Pressure Filters and SuperSettler™ Clarifiers
The thriving farming community of Fallon Nevada was once described as being on a "Mount Everest of an arsenic problem."

Thornton, CO - High Rate Solids Contact Clarifier
The Columbine Water Treatment Plant treated a surface water supply using hybrid flocculating clarifiers and conventional graular media filters.

Cross Lake, Canada - Treating Water in a Remote Location - Package Treatment Plant
Located approximately 370 miles north of Winnipeg, this remote community of 5,000 people is only accessible by air.

El Dorado Hills, CA - Longevity and Effective Turbidity Removal - Trident Package Treatment Plant
The El Dorado Hills Irrigation District (EID) services over 110,000 Residence in El Dorado County, CA. In 1993 the EID had an interesting challenge. Providing a new water treatment plant treating surface water from Folsom Lake, but due to site constraint they had a small footprint.

Eureka Springs, AR - Expanding Treatment Capacity - CONTRAFLO
When the Carroll-Boone Water District, located west of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, was faced with the problem of meeting the increasing needs of their production capabilities, they knew renovation and expansion were the only solutions.

Patterson Pass, CA - Preatment at Patterson Pass - Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER
At Patterson Pass, water is detained in a reservoir at the head of the plant. Occasional algal blooms in the reservoir are treated with copper sulfate.

Napa, CA - Zero Liquid Discharge - Backwash Clarifiers
The Edward I. Barwick Jamieson Canyon Water Treatment Plant located in the City of Napa, California, treats water for domestic and winery use.

Case Studies

Garards Fort, PA - Single-stage Acid Mine Drainage
Approximately 3500 gpm (795 m3/hr ) of acid mine drainage needed treatment from Shannopin. This water had to be neutralized and treated before discharge to any Pennsylvania stream or use in other facilities.

Khumani Iron Ore Mine - Titan™ Traction Thickeners and Deep Bed™ Paste Thickeners
Khumani Iron Ore Mine is situated in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Allocations of raw water are limited and carefully managed.

Silver Eagle Refinery - STM-Aerotor™ Biological Nutrient Removal System
Silver Eagle Refnery proactively worked with the South Davis Sewer District and WesTech Engineering, to fnd a treatment solution for the environmental pollutants that are generated at their facility.

Lebec, CA - Pastoria Engergy - AltaFilter™
Calpine Corporation, an industry leader in U.S. power gereration, constructed a new four-turbine power plant in south-central California.

Hengelo, Netherlands - Landfill Leachate Treatment - STM-Aerotor™ Biological Nutrient Removal
The sanitary landfill in Hengelo produces a maximum of 76,000 gallons per day of leachate.

Paragominas, Brazil - HiDensity™ Paste Thickeners
Thickening Bauxite Tailings

Lone Mountain, VA - Deep Bed™ Paste Thickeners
Replacing Filters with Paste Thickeners

Jamieson Canyon, Napa, CA - Zero Liquid Discharge - Fill and Decant Backwash Clarifiers
The Edward I. Barwick Jamieson Canyon Water Treatment Plant located in the City of Napa, California, treats water for domestic and winery use.

Melville, New York - Saving Energy and Improving Quality - STM-Aerotor™ and ClearLogic® Membrane Bioreactor
The existing plant was requiring a lot of maintenance and was struggling to consistently meet the required effluent without extra care and costly chemicals.

Centralia, WA - Remediation of Coal Refuse Ponds - HiDensity™ Paste Thickeners
Following the closure of the Transalta Centralia coal mine, the company decided to move the refuse tailings to an old mined-out pit as part of the site remediation.

Jorf Lasfar, Morocco - OCP Concentrate Pipeline Dewatering - Deep Bed™ Paste Thickeners
Morocco has expanded its phosphate operations. The country has increased the production of its mines located inland.

Santa Monica, CA - Harmful Contaminant Removal - GAC Contactors and Horizontal Pressure Filters
WesTech’s dual media horizontal pressure filters and GAC contactors reduced high concentrations of contaminants to a non-detectable level.