Anaerobic Digestion - Biogas Storage DuoSphere™ Double Membrane Gas Holder


Anaerobic Digestion – Biogas Storage
DuoSphere™ Double Membrane Gas Holder:

Over the years, WesTech has supplied our customers with anaerobic digestion equipment that has added value to their plant operations. WesTech continues to provide valuable solutions with the DuoSphere™ Dual Membrane Gasholder. The DuoSphere™ offers innovative designs for digester gas storage and alternatives for conventional digester covers. DuoSphere™ gasholder structures are strong, lightweight, and versatile – which gives a preferable choice in biogas storage for your municipal or industrial applications.

As energy costs grow, facilities are increasingly seeking alternative fuel sources to help power their plant operations. By storing biogas, the plants are able to have a constant feed of gas to their generator.

WesTech’s unique ability to combine a vast experience base in liquid solids separation technology delivers the highest level of process performance and unsurpassed equipment quality.

  • Process heating
  • Sludge drying
  • Cogeneration
  • Facility heating
  • Vehicles and equipment

DuoSphere™ Gas Holders

Slab-mounted dual membranes provide convenient digester gas storage for your plant operation needs.

  • Simple gas storage capability
  • Mounts to flat concrete slab
  • Constant pressure regulation
  • Inner membrane access
  • Custom flow and sizes

DuoSphere™ Digester Covers

Tank-mounted digester covers provide an innovative and cost-effective solution for new and replacement covers.

  • Lower capital and installation costs
  • Absolute odor containment
  • New or existing digesters
  • Variable liquid level



  • Critical inner gas holding membrane is independent of the outer membrane
  • Membranes are manufactured from the highest quality materials available
  • Access is available to inspect the inner membrane at all times
  • Airflow between the membranes is accurately controlled
  • Gas detection equipment monitors the air between the membranes
  • Spark-resistant and explosion-proof pressurization fans
  • Complete service from design to fabrication to installation and commissioning
  • Fast installation (two to five days)
  • Gasholder volumes from 700 ft3 to 176,000 ft3 (20m3 to 5000m3)
  • Volume is measured ultrasonically


  • Added control and accuracy
  • Cost-effective biogas storage solution
  • Reduced cost and delay