HiDensity™ Paste Thickener


HiDensity™ Paste Thickener Overview:

WesTech’s HiDensity™ Paste Thickener produces non-settling thickened tailings with lower viscosities and underflow concentrations than what is produced in the Deep Bed™ Paste Thickener. The HiDensity™ Thickener also has a lower height-to-diameter ratio, which allows for on-the-ground construction and much larger diameters.

The HiDensity™ Thickener offers the advantages of paste and thickened tailings for very large tonnages. Water savings and tailings deposition can be accomplished with fewer tanks and at a lower capital cost than with the equivalent number of Deep Bed™ paste thickeners.

Reduced viscosity associated with the underflow concentrations of the HiDensity™ Thickener results in lower pumping costs — an important factor for deposition areas far from the plant.


  • Both elevated and on-ground tank designs
  • Tunnel access to the underflow pumps
  • Rake mechanism with full-length dewatering pickets
  • Duty-rated torque to over 4,000,000 ft-lbs
  • Self-diluting feedwell
  • Diameters 3 to 60m


  • Easier to pump low-density paste
  • Optimal flocculation
  • Efficient paste discharge


  • Mineral tailings
  • Deposit slope of 3-3%
  • CCD circuits
  • Extend pond life by changing to paste
  • Allows tailings deposit without dams