Sludge Heating System


Sludge Heating System Overview:

WesTech offers sludge heating solutions for nearly any anaerobic digestion application. From mesophilic to thermophilic, WesTech's versatility and experience ensure that our sludge heating equipment will provide years of dependable service. We can provide heat exchangers to be piped into existing hot water systems or a complete boiler/ heat exchanger package.

The spiral and tube-in-tube models are typically located near the boiler. Sludge is pumped from the tank, hot water is pumped from the boiler, and heat is transferred within the heat exchanger. The counter flow design increases efficiency and makes WesTech's heat exchangers the best choice for long term energy savings.

Draft Tube Heat Exchangers provide a unique option for use in digesters that incorporate mechanical sludge mixers. Instead of pumping sludge to a remote heat exchanger, hot water is piped to these units mounted on the draft tube of an external sludge mixer. Heat is transferred to the sludge as the mixers circulate it through the hot water jacket region of the draft tube. The simplicity and cost of these units make them an attractive option.

WesTech's experience and design ensure efficient and reliable heating and mixing performance. Our package heating system is dual-fuel capable, using primarily digester gas with a conventional backup fuel source. This allows for efficient use of the traditionally wasted biogas produced in anaerobic digestion. Typically, some type of gas storage is employed to most effectively utilize this reclaimed energy.