Tower Press Filter

Tower Press Filter Overview:

The WesTech Tower Press Filter delivers optimum production performance and availability for maximum dewatering in a wide range of industrial and minerals applications, including fine iron ore concentrates, leach residues, metallurgical precipitates, and more. Other key benefits include low maintenance and operational costs, as well as fully automatic operation.

WesTech also provides tower press filter spare parts and service to operators around the world, at a service level and price that is extremely competitive.

Five Main Stages of Operation

Feed Stage

The filter plates compress with the assistance of the hydraulic cylinders and slurry fills the filter chamber.

Filtration Stage

Water enters the chamber above the rubber diaphragm to compress the slurry through the filter.

Wash Stage

Once the filtration stage is complete, wash water is pumped into the filter chamber. After water fills the filter chamber, diaphragm water is entered and compresses the rubber diaphragm to press the wash water through the cake, washing the cake.

Air Dry Stage

Air enters the filter chamber through the same pipe as the wash water and assists in drying the cake.

Cake Discharge Phase

After the cake is dried, the filter plates release compression and cake is discharged to the sides of the filter into discharge chutes.