AltaPac™ Ultrafiltration Membrane Package System

AltaPac Ultrafiltration System skid

AltaPac™ Ultrafiltration Membrane Package System Overview:

The AltaPac™ Ultrafiltration Membrane Package System is designed as an economical ultrafiltration membrane treatment system that is both easy to use and simple to install. This versatile system can process flows up to 220 gpm on surface waters and 300 gpm on groundwaters.

The AltaPac can be upgraded by simply installing an additional module and changing the flow set point. The AltaPac systems are fully-functional, self-contained skids including automated operation and daily integrity tests. The AltaPac contains all the components necessary for a complete and operable water treatment system.


  • Low pressure filtration
  • Daily membrane integrity testing
  • Skid piping, wiring, and testing completed prior to shipment
  • Fast deliveries
  • Technical support
  • Shop-built, packaged units
  • Nominal pore size of 0.01µm
  • Barrier filtration
  • Modular design
  • Automated operation
  • 99.999% cryptosporidium and giardia removal
  • Air assisted backwash
  • 200µm automatic backwashing pre-filter


  • Simplified installation
  • Compact footprint and height for reduced building size
  • Improved virus and bacteria removal
  • Does not require coagulant addition to achieve treated water turbidity requirements
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Easy expansion
  • Minimal need for operator attention
  • Extended membrane life
  • Reduced reverse osmosis cost
  • Reduced backwash volumes


  • Man camps
  • Industrial sites
  • Small communities
  • Parks
  • Summer camps
  • Resorts
  • Emergency applications