SPIRACONE™ Upflow Sludge Blanket Clarifier

Eliminate Moving Parts and Related Maintenance With the SPIRACONE™ Upflow Sludge Blanket Clarifier

The SPIRACONE™ Clarifier is an upflow sludge blanket clarifier that combines mixing, flocculation and sedimentation in a single basin. Raw water and chemicals are hydraulically mixed then pass upward through the various zones within the basin for reaction, flocculation, sludge removal and clarification. Hydraulic mixing eliminates mechanical mixers, while the conical shape eliminates scrapers.

The SPIRACONE™ Clarifier not only frees you from the hassle of moving parts such as mixers and scrapers it offers greater operational flexibility with features such as an adjustable sludge hopper. With its reduced footprint requirement it still offers high quality effluent and upflow clarification for 350 to 4,200 gpm per unit. The SPIRACONE™ Clarifier has a wide array of applications including lime softening, iron and color removal as well as phosphate reduction.