WesTech Engineering | South Africa Office

Deep Bed Paste Thickener
Serving customers in Sub-Saharan/East Africa and Australasia

Since 2008, WesTech's office in South Africa has been providing water treatment process solutions to industrial and municipal clients across Africa.

The South Africa office specializes in products and services for the minerals market, as well as package water treatment plants for both municipal and industrial use. Other equipment frequently in demand for the African market includes clarifiers, membrane systems, oil/water separation, filters, and filtration.

WesTech's South Africa office is led by Mark Crozier, who is known for his work in sedimentation systems.


Tailings Thickeners

Package Water Treatment Plants

  • Trident 365CC package water treatment plant
  • Trident 365TS package water treatment plant
  • BioDrum package sewage treatment plant
  • MBBR package sewage treatment plant

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