Clean Water Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Water Is One of Our Most Important Resources

Our need for water touches our lives at virtually every point. It goes beyond clean water for drinking. It extends to manufacturing processes, power generation, crop irrigation, food production, and more.

WesTech has spent almost half a century figuring out ways to provide clean water solutions for businesses and communities across the globe. We design, build, and maintain equipment and systems for water and wastewater treatment to make the world a better place for future generations.

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The WesTech Advantage

Maximize Value

Our expertise in water and wastewater solutions can help make the most of this precious resource while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Save Time

With nearly five decades of experience, our engineers have the know-how to deliver high-quality solutions on time, wherever you need them.

Be Effective

We are dedicated to helping you meet your water-quality requirements. Our ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our commitment to doing things right.

Our Clean Water Solutions

It’s crucial to engage water professionals who understand the challenges you face – whether your project is to increase drinking-water production or recover water from a coal ash pond.

We understand.

At WesTech, we apply our experience and skill to design solutions for municipal, industrial, and minerals clients. We employ a wide variety of liquid/solids separation and biological treatment technologies. Many of our solutions are available for temporary mobile/rental applications. And because we specialize in retrofits, replacements, and upgrades, you can count on us to deliver budget-conscious solutions that seamlessly integrate with your processes.

  • Market Solutions

    We bring our knowledge, best-in-class engineering, and commitment to customer service to every project. Producing clean drinking water? Recovering water in a coal ash or tailings pond? Generating boiler-feed water? We have the right solution to help you succeed.

  • Parts and Maintenance

    The right parts and services provide a lifeline when your equipment goes down. We provide preventative maintenance advice, field service help, and quality replacement parts for many types of equipment. Let us help reduce downtime and extend your equipment’s life.

  • Services and Operations

    Whether it’s to meet a short-term emergency or a longer-term commitment, our qualified technicians and operators are there for you. We can provide temporary mobile/rental systems to help reduce capital costs, optimize plant performance, and meet regulatory requirements.

  • Equipment Solutions

    Looking for a full-scale clarifier to treat surface water? Or maybe you need a package plant to treat mine water at a remote site? Whatever the application, we have the right solution for every step in your water treatment or water resource recovery process.

How We Do It

Our team has what it takes to move your project from start to finish. The solutions we provide solve your most complex problems. For example, a retrofit might require detailed 3D renderings to provide exact dimensions you’ll need for a perfect fit. Or a clarification project might benefit from extensive laboratory analysis to determine the exact nature of the influent.

Whatever the case, we strive to make the complex simple. Every client project provides unique challenges, and we always start and end with a commitment to customer care.


Your challenge is unique, so our engineers begin by learning everything they need to know about your project. Whether through on-site visits or other modes of connection, gathering information is key to this phase.


Now that we understand your project inside and out, our design expertise can help us make certain your solution will be optimal. Tests and pilots can help us right-size and verify your solution’s future performance.


Here’s where it all comes together. Your tailored solutions are implemented to your specifications. Of course, we will continue to be available for consulting and supplying additional parts and services.

Mobile Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

Meet your temporary and testing needs with WesTech’s fleet of rental equipment. Our mobile, containerized, or skid-mounted units can be on site quickly, with fast setup and flexible contract time frames.

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Water Professionals Are Essential

We recognize the efforts you’ve made to ensure that our communities and businesses have a ready supply of clean water. We're here to help.

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