Innovative Treatment for CSO Problems in Wales

WWETCO FlexFilter being constructed at Welsh Water in Wales

Published by Water Environment & Technology Magazine

WesTech’s compressible media filtration (CMF) technology is treating combined sewer overflows (CSOs) at Welsh Water in Wales, United Kingdom. This is a significant project for WesTech in the UK as Welsh Water and other water companies throughout the country begin implementing wet weather controls to satisfy European Union Bathing Water criteria and other UK wastewater directives. It is also the first time that semi-precast concrete methods were used to install the technology, saving time and money for the project.

For Welsh Water, managing over 800 wastewater treatment works, it established a standard for peak flow equivalent treatment (PFET) as a side stream process. This project is estimated to save their watershed-wide program more than £450 million to help protect the shellfish industry and recreational uses of the Loughor River and Estuary in South Wales.

Water Environment & Technology featured a story about WesTech’s installation. Mark Boner and Michael Moe from WesTech worked with the customer, engineer, and contractor to author the piece.

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The Welsh Water project is using the WWETCO FlexFilter™, an innovative but proven, high-rate multi-cell filtration system that uses synthetic compressible media requiring no chemicals and no internal mechanical components. Its simple unmanned operation makes it ideal for satellite treatment of CSOs and SSOs as well as a dual-use process at the main treatment plant for both wet weather and dry weather tertiary treatment.

The technology uses the lateral hydraulic force applied by the head pressure of the influent to provide a tapered porosity gradient. Large and small particles are removed producing an effluent suitable for UV or chemical disinfection. The inert fiber media is long-lasting and robust and is cleaned each cycle with low head air leaving the cell empty and odor free.

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