GAC Contactor Helps Meet Regulations and Reduces Chemical Demand

Granular activated carbon contactor vessels

Published by Aquafacts Magazine

The Spring 2022 issue of Aquafacts highlighted our successful granulated activated carbon (GAC) solution for the town of Lowville, New York. The article was coauthored by WesTech Engineering’s Eric Lawrence, Rich Ross, and Lele Liu in addition to Thomas Widrick (town operator for Lowville, New York) and Robert Boliver of BCA Engineers.

Although Lowville purchases its water from another plant, it’s required to meet EPA drinking-water regulations. As a result, it needed a solution for treating disinfection byproducts (DBPs) before distributing water to its customers. The article shares solution details and the town’s success in treating chlorine demand and DBPs to non-detect (ND) levels.

Download the full article (PDF)

The system’s design and success are the result of a careful pilot study that WesTech set up and installed. The town monitored the study via daily samples, which were sent to a third-party laboratory for analysis. Study data led to the New York State Department of Health’s approval for a full-scale system based on the pilot’s design.

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