Upheaval and Innovation in Power Plant Wastewater Management

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Published by POWER Magazine

Regulatory uncertainty, changing resources, and an industry-wide drive to cut costs and boost flexibility and efficiency are among a growing list of challenges that are prompting new approaches to treat power plant wastewater. Factors that affect the eventual technology or treatment choices made by plant owners are deeply dependent on their distinct suitability to a plant as a solution.

POWER magazine included comments from WesTech engineer Brett Housley in its roundup article of wastewater treatment solutions.

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Tightening environmental rules are meanwhile transforming customer needs, Brett Housley, regional sales manager for the power market at WesTech Engineering, told POWER. Our customers are very aware of these limits, and it means they are requesting higher guarantees from us for a clean water result. They are very serious about their responsibility to keep waters as free of pollution as possible, he noted.

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