Neutralizing Acid Water

Acid water treatment

Published by World Fertilizer Magazine

WesTech Engineering has experience in the application of lime treatment systems using the high-density sludge (HDS) process for metals removal from both acid rock drainage (ARD) and other industrial acidic waters. In a logical progression, WesTech has applied the HDS process and explored its benefits in the treatment of fluosilicic acid in phosphate wastewaters.

World Fertilizer magazine included an article about this process, written by Harley Schreiber and Jeff Easton from WesTech, in its special focus issue on wastewater treatment solutions in the fertilizer industry.

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The HDS process is a proven technology in numerous acidic water treatment applications and is applicable to gypsum stack wastewater. Additionally, this process is important in achieving maximum reaction rates, minimum effluent contaminant concentrations, and maximum lime utilization.

See WesTech’s two-stage fluoride and phosphate removal flow sheet (PDF).

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