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Neutralizing Acid Water

Published by World Fertilizer Magazine

WesTech Engineering has experience in the application of lime treatment systems using the high-density sludge (HDS) process for metals removal from both acid rock drainage (ARD) and other industrial acidic waters. In a logical progression, WesTech has applied the HDS process and explored its benefits in the treatment of fluosilicic acid in phosphate wastewaters.

World Fertilizer magazine included an article about this process, written by Harley Schreiber and Jeff Easton from WesTech, in its special focus issue on wastewater treatment solutions in the fertilizer industry.

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Upheaval and Innovation in Power Plant Wastewater Management

Published by POWER Magazine

Regulatory uncertainty, changing resources, and an industry-wide drive to cut costs and boost flexibility and efficiency are among a growing list of challenges that are prompting new approaches to treat power plant wastewater. Factors that affect the eventual technology or treatment choices made by plant owners are deeply dependent on their distinct suitability to a plant as a solution.

POWER magazine included comments from WesTech engineer Brett Housley in its roundup article of wastewater treatment solutions.

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WesTech Donates Purification Filters to Haiti

Published by World Water

WesTech is leading an initiative to help provide clean drinking water to Haitians who have been hard hit by Hurricane Matthew. Spearheading the effort, WesTech employees funded an initial batch of 130 portable Hydraid® BioSand water filters capable of converting contaminated water into safe drinking water.

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Clearing the Waters to Eliminate Overflows

Published by Water Environment & Technology Magazine

New enhanced high-rate treatment and wet-weather headworks facilities at the Springfield Wastewater Treatment Plant significantly increase peak wet-weather flow treatment capacity and decrease untreated overflows.

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Acid Mine Drainage: A Reusable Water Resource

Published by WaterWorld Magazine

Acid mine drainage (AMD), produced from coal and mineral mining operations, presents a difficult and costly problem. With the sheer volume of AMD sites and the contaminants associated with them, it has been described as the largest environmental problem facing the U.S. mining industry, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Five Reasons to Harvest the Power of Biogas

Published by Water Online

Not every utility that cleans wastewater views itself as a wastewater treatment plant.

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Building Barriers

Published by Water & Wastes Digest

The Northern Village of Île-à-la-Crosse, Saskatchewan, Canada, operates a surface water treatment plant for its drinking water supply. The water source is Lac Île-à-la-Crosse in northern Saskatchewan, with its corresponding cold water temperatures.

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Step by Step

Published by Treatment Plant Operator Magazine

When designing the 22.5 mgd Central Water Reclamation Facility in Cantonment, FL, Baskerville-Donovan engineers specified oxidation ditches. The technology was familiar because the 8.2 mgd (design) Bayou Marcus sister facility had a four-stage biological nutrient removal (BNR) system.

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Tackling Turbidity

Published by WaterWorld Magazine

Adding pretreatment to an existing water treatment plant can provide significant process advantages when a plant is faced with challenging influent and stringent effluent water quality regulations. Removing excessive suspended solids early in the treatment scheme reduces the solids loading on subsequent processes, effectively sharing the load among all unit processes.

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