Updates to Package Plant System Dramatically Improves Operations

Trident package plants

Published by Aquafacts Magazine

Our case study describing updates to an existing water treatment package plant system in Westfield, NY was highlighted in the Spring 2021 issue of Aquafacts, the official publication of the New York Rural Water Association. The article was written by WesTech engineers Chris Rettig, Richard Ross, P.E., and Jayme Tuomala.

The article details repairs and updates that resulted in the plant’s increased net production, improved efficiency, and decreased waste production. The site reported a tremendous improvement in solids capture, which saved an impressive 17,761 gallons of wastewater per operating unit per day. The average filter runtimes changed from 24 hours to 17.4 hours and the filter runtimes went from 12 hours to nearly 29 hours.

Download the full article (PDF)

The key to significantly improving the performance of the Trident® system was ensuring that the Adsorption Clarifier was properly capturing solids prior to the filter section. The plant is now able to reduce approximately 40 percent of its former wastewater production per day.

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