Announcing the LAZERFLO® Low-Profile Underdrain

LAZERFLO low-profile underdrain system

WesTech Engineering is pleased to announce the availability of the LAZERFLO® low-profile stainless-steel underdrain system, our new alternative to higher-profile plastic-block underdrains and stainless-steel teepee-design underdrains.

This simple, yet versatile design is easier to install than block or monolithic underdrains, requires no special installation tools or skills, and eliminates installation delays associated with grout-secured underdrains. With a proven, corrosion-resistant laser-slot system, it supports even fine media and provides an open-support structure for uniform, multidirectional distribution through the filter cell.

Some successful installations of LAZERFLO in water treatment plants have simplified otherwise complicated retrofits in places where space is an issue, allowing these plants to work with regulators to re-rate the filters for a higher flow capacity. Download the case study for the City of Waukegan, Illinois (PDF) as an example.

The LAZERFLO underdrain’s interlocking design features factory-assembled strips that nest together and are sized to fit the length of the filter cell. The strips bolt directly to the cell floor, providing true strength to the installation. A small amount of grout seals the space between the filter cell walls and the ends of the underdrain system.

In summary, the LAZERFLO underdrain is:

  • Easier to construct and install: interlocking factory-assembled sections that anchor to the floor
  • More effective: an open-plenum design that allows water and air to move in all directions below the floor
  • Better for retrofits: a lower profile that provides greater media depth for capacity
  • Safer for employees: a completed floor that is flat and free of obstructions

Although LAZERFLO can provide long-term cost savings with longer life and better results, it has additional intrinsic value to a plant, said Jim Hanson, WesTech Executive Vice-President and Municipal Branch Leader. This is an innovative design that brings an underdrain to market that is twice as strong and requires half the installation time than our traditional underdrains.

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