WesTech Opens in India

WesTech Engineering, Inc. has opened a new business unit in India, the fifth country in which WesTech has business units. WesTech India commenced business on April 1st with offices located in New Delhi and Chennai, giving WesTech reach into both northern and southern India. An additional office will soon be opened in Mumbai, giving WesTech reach into central India, as well.

These offices enable us to offer our line of high efficiency liquid/solids separation equipment to the markets in India, says Ralph Cutler, Vice President of WesTech. We will focus on providing equipment for minerals processing, steel production, coal washing, pulp and paper, and non-ferrous minerals industries.

In the future, WesTech will also provide municipal water and wastewater process equipment to bolster infrastructure in the country of more than one billion.

The business unit is operated and managed by B.P. Misra, Managing Director, and P.P. Ramaswamy, Director - Marketing. Both men are recognized experts in liquid/solids separation. Together they represent more than 60 years of experience in process equipment.

We’re very pleased to bring on the expertise and capabilities of our colleagues, who are well-recognized in our industry, says Cutler. WesTech is glad to add their contributions to our global strategy in both resource management and environmental stewardship.

For media inquiries, please contact us at media@westech-inc.com or by phone at 801-265-1000.

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