Why Choose WesTech?

Why Choose WesTech

In a world with critical water needs, we offer engineering process expertise to achieve the best solutions for water treatment, with a commitment to worker safety.

At WesTech, we think of liquids/solids separation in new ways. Our decades of experience in equipment engineering and passion for problem solving means we have the complete range of equipment to provide our customers with not just a solution, but the best solution.

We meet the water treatment, liquids/solids separation, and biological treatment needs of municipal, industrial, and minerals clients worldwide, and in fact, we are one of the biggest municipal equipment companies in the USA. Founded in 1973, WesTech has over 500 employees around the world.

WesTech’s equipment spans a wide range of capabilities, from filtration, thickening, and minerals processing to turnkey and rental solutions, and even plant operations.

Our commitment to service means we form long-term working relationships to meet and exceed client expectations, focusing on these important water treatment solutions:

  • Municipal water — We offer a wide variety of equipment for groundwater and surface water treatment for potable use. Depending upon the raw water quality, flow rate, and operational preferences, WesTech can provide conventional treatment systems, combination treatment units, package plants, high-rate processes, or customized solutions.

  • Municipal wastewater — WesTech has more than 45 years of experience in municipal wastewater treatment, including thousands of installations providing clarification, biological treatment, anaerobic digestion, tertiary treatment, thickening, and stormwater treatment. Customers praise not only our equipment, but also their overall experience with WesTech’s team.

  • Industrial solutions — WesTech offers a comprehensive line of process equipment in the industrial market, including filtration, pretreatment systems, and process water treatment, including boiler feedwater treatment systems, wastewater, and solids dewatering/washing. We offer best in class products or complete treatment systems including installation and operation of plants.

  • Minerals solutions — We provide liquid/solids separation solutions for mineral applications worldwide, ranging from clarification and flocculation to thickening. From supplying specialized equipment to turnkey systems, WesTech has the expertise and experience to provide customized solutions that are cost effective and reliable.

After equipment installation, WesTech’s Parts & Services department continues to offer support for our customers, including parts, services, and maintenance. Learn more about our aftermarket services.

Industry Leadership

For decades, WesTech has been an industry leader in solving problems with effective water treatment solutions that improve process efficiency while delivering clean water for the benefit of humanity. Reintroducing the Microfloc and General Filter brands helped further establish WesTech as a leader in the design and manufacture of water treatment equipment for industrial, municipal, and minerals processing.

WesTech also participates in lead-the-way technology development, such as implementing innovative water reuse at industrial treatment facilities, collaborating with universities on alternative processes, and developing solutions that include nontraditional energy production.

DuoSphere for gas storage

As energy costs grow, facilities are increasingly seeking alternative fuel sources, including biogas. The DuoSphere is an innovative and cost-effective solution for digester gas storage.

Dewatering Equipment

WesTech’s equipment can be used to dewater ash ponds and treat flows that would traditionally report to the ash pond, helping coal-fired power plants address regulatory pressure.

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