CleanFlo™ MultiRake Bar Screen

CleanFlo MultiRake Bar Screen

CleanFlo™ MultiRake Bar Screen Overview:

The WesTech CleanFlo™ MultiRake Bar Screen is a mechanically cleaned screen that is ideal for inlet works of treatment plants, pumping stations and water inlet structures. The screen captures solid materials which would otherwise be harmful to downstream equipment.

Clogging possibility is minimized by using several rakes which are lined on a pair of continuous chains instead of one rake operated by an arm. Available screen openings are 1/4" to 2", enabling the screen to be efficiently used for applications which need either small or large screen openings.


  • Screen Frame: The main structure of screen is made of standard sectional or folded stainless steel plate which is bent in a "U" shape. The whole framework can be fabricated of either 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Screen Bars: The bars are manufactured from standard bars and mounted to frame in replaceable 8” wide sections via bolts. Bars are designed as rectangular or trapezoidal sections depending on application. Carbon steel or stainless steel material alternatives are available.
  • Dead Plate: The plate is formed from steel or stainless steel sheet and fixed to the upper main body by bolts. It is welded to the discharge chute.
  • Discharge Chute: This part helps captured screenings drop into a conveyor or a container. It is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel sheet and fixed to the dead plate by welding.
  • Rake: Rakes are shaped with a wide shelf for carrying debris and preventing screenings from falling back to the channel. Rake teeth penetrate into the screen bar spacing to ensure screenings are completely removed. The rakes are manufactured from stainless steel and lined up onto a pair of endless wear resistant stainless steel roller chains.
  • Wiper: The wiper is designed to scrape captured screening debris from the rake into the discharge chute. It is manufactured from stainless steel and has a PE edge. The PE edge can easily be replaced as a spare part.
  • Chain Mechanism: The rakes are attached to two continuous roller chains. It is propelled by two sprockets located at the upper section of the mechanism.
  • Roller Chain Guides: Our roller chain guides ensure that the flow travels a path directly through the bar screen section. The guides do not protrude into the flow. We use a stainless steel closed box section guide which is stronger than single L-profile chain guides used by others.
  • Drive Unit: The drive system consists of a motor with suitable NEMA protection and a gearbox to reduce motor output speed, producing a suitable traveling speed for the rake system. It is directly mounted to drive shaft.


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