CleanFlo™ All-In-One Headworks System

CleanFlo All In One Combined Headworks System

CleanFlo™ All-In-One Combined Headworks System Overview:

The WesTech CleanFlo™ All-In-One Combined Headworks System is a pre-engineered headworks system that includes fine screening, screenings dewatering and aerated grit removal. All this is pre-engineered into a compact stainless steel package. The system is self-contained and requires little space. It is ideal for pumped flows or when space is limited.

The CleanFlo All-In-One Combination Headworks System is also highly efficient as a septage receiving station. These versatile units can be especially beneficial when haulers discharge downstream of the plant headworks, or at remote plant entry points.


  • For installation above, partial or below ground
  • Perforated fine screen using standard CleanFlo™ Spiral Screen
  • Shaftless spirals used for screening and grit dewatering
  • Aerated grit removal efficiencies available from 75 to 95%
  • Pre-fabricated unit is entirely enclosed
  • Fully automatic controls
  • Stainless steel construction


  • Minimizes odors
  • Requires a minimum of installation labor
  • Requires a minimum of operator interface


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