CleanFlo™ Rotoscreen® Fine Screen

CleanFlo Rotoscreen Fine Screen

CleanFlo™ Rotoscreen® Fine Screen Overview:

CleanFlo™ Rotoscreen® is a self-cleaning fine screen for separation of solids from water. The screen has a very low flow resistance which results in a low head loss. This is an advantage at installations in open channels.

CleanFlo Rotoscreen is manufactured in different models depending on the discharge height. All models are available in different widths to fit into channels of various sizes. The screens are fully-enclosed and equipped with a ventilation pipe.

CleanFlo Rotoscreen works intermittent. This leads to an operation adjustable to the incoming flow. A level sensor is installed in the channel in front of the screen. The screen starts when a pre-set water level is reached and operates until the water level is below the pre-set value. The cycle is repeated when the level is reached again.

CleanFlo Rotoscreen features optimized-cycle control to minimize wear and maximize screening efficiency. The operating cycle is regulated by wastewater level, allowing screenings to gather and form a fine-mesh precoat which is removed once wastewater backs up to trigger the next cycle.

Nordic Water and MEVA are now partners with WesTech for USA and Canada.


  • Fine screen with slot width 1-6 mm
  • Robust design with 3 mm bars
  • Fully enclosed
  • Bar fixings ensuring exact slot width
  • Pivots out of channel
  • Sand resistant anti-blockage protection


  • High capacity and high separation degree of solids
  • Easy maintenance


  • Municipal water or wastewater
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Sludge screening
  • Septage
  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Fish and poultry processing
  • Tannery and textile effluent
  • Plastics and pharmaceutical water treatment


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