Vortex Grit Chamber

Vortex Grit Chamber

Vortex Grit Chamber Overview:

The WesTech Vortex Grit Chamber efficiently removes grit from the treatment plant influent stream.

How it Works:

A Vortex Grit Chamber usually follows screening equipment. The screened influent enters tangentially and flows around the upper chamber. Adjustable, rotating paddles augment the spiraling flow to create a mechanically induced vortex which settles the grit, transports it to the center opening of the fixed floor plate for collection in the lower chamber, and lifts and returns the lighter organic particles to the main flow. The grit solids are removed from the lower chamber by an air lift or recessed impeller pump for further washing and dewatering.


  • Rugged precision bearing drive
  • Compact design
  • Simple and inexpensive maintenance requirements


  • Reduces civil work expenses
  • Low energy consumption
  • Efficient grit removal over variable flow rates


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