CleanGrit™ Organics Removal System

CleanGrit Organics Removal System

CleanGrit™ Organics Removal Systems Overview:

WesTech CleanGrit™ products remove organic matter from grit collected at the headworks of a wastewater plant. Removal of the organic matter from grit will reduce disposal costs and nuisance odor complaints while improving biological plant processes. WesTech offers the largest variety of grit washing systems available in the North American market.

Several models of this unique screening equipment are available, as outlined below:

The CleanGrit SW 400 C rinses organic matter from dewatered grit or a concentrated grit slurry by incorporating a hydrocyclone (Model SW400 only). Organic matter is loosened mechanically by an agitator and rinsed by an upcurrent washing water process. Cleaned grit is discharged by the shaftless spiral conveyor for disposal.

The CleanGrit SWA Series is designed to dewater and wash sand from sedimentation tanks. In traditional sedimentation tanks, no separation of organic and inorganic materials takes place. As a result, the organic share of the material caught in the sedimentation tank often totals up to 30-80%. CleanGrit SWA reduces the organic content in the sand to an end product with an ignition loss of 1-5%.

Because of the large range of grit treatment options available, WesTech is able to offer the best equipment choice to meet project and process requirements.


  • Volatile solids in washed grit less than 3%
  • Cleaned grit meets standards for disposal at reasonable costs
  • Re-use of washed grit (sand) possible
  • Robust, "thick" shaftless spirals
  • Increased gas production in anaerobic sludge digestion process possible
  • Treat coarse material up to 1.375"


  • Increase in organic nutrient for biological processes
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Low wash water consumption
  • Low wear
  • Saves transportation costs
  • Reduces odors in headworks building
  • Reduction in quantity of grit to be disposed


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