CleanWash™ Screenings Washer

CleanWash Screenings Washer

CleanWash™ Screenings Washer Overview:

The WesTech CleanWash™ Screenings Washer is capable of producing light gray, relatively odorless product without using expensive, maintenance-intensive mechanical agitators.

The objective of screenings washers has always been to reduce volume and weight by washing out organics and, equally important, to improve plant hygiene and reduce odors. The latest generation of CleanWash washers achieves these goals without tearing or shredding screenings. A separate wash zone uses focused high energy sprays to remove soft organics, followed by a high pressure zone to compact and dewater screenings to DS up to 50%.


  • Unobstructed slotted drain bars
  • Throughput capacity up to 140 CFH
  • Simple integration into existing systems
  • Housing made completely of stainless steel
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Increased biological treatment efficiency due to return of organics


  • Low maintenance costs
  • Weight reduction of raw screenings up to 85%
  • Dry solids content of dewatered screening up to 50%
  • Maximum drainage without plugging


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