Pilot Test with WesTech

Pilot Testing

Pilot Units

Piloting is a great way to study the treatability of raw water, determine operating parameters, and optimize an efficient full-scale process design. With WesTech’s variety of pilot plants available, we can help you test a single process or a complete multi-step process.

As is the case with all pilot testing, proper preparation increases the likelihood of success. WesTech can offer bench-scale studies to help select the proper equipment as well as determine the chemistry requirements prior to piloting or plant design.

Special attention was given when designing WesTech’s pilot plants to provide precise process similitude of full-scale equipment. Our responsive engineering team will help you with a comprehensive pilot protocol to facilitate the best data collection.

We have experienced technicians who are ready to setup, train, and perform on-site pilot studies. We will then produce a detailed report within two weeks containing all data collected along with recommendations for proper process conclusions.

Contact WesTech today for a pilot test at your facility.