Field Services and Mechanical Troubleshooting

Field Service Engineers and Maintenance Experts for Your Equipment Requirements

Our knowledgeable and skilled field services engineers can help solve your most challenging problems. Whether you need to repair or replace a thickener drive or optimize an underperforming clarifier, we have the expertise it takes to help you keep your plant running smoothly.

Our process experts are tenured employees who know the ins and outs of water treatment, including equipment manufacturing. They can provide:

  • On-site engineering and inspection
  • Installation services
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Mechanical and process troubleshooting
  • Equipment retrofits and upgrades
  • Plant upgrades
  • Start-up and training

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What are the Benefits of Partnering With WesTech Field Services?

Equipment and Process Expertise: Chances are, we’ve seen and solved your specific problem before. We also have the original WesTech equipment drawings at our fingertips. Regardless of the manufacturer, our field engineers can provide solutions.

When field engineers come on site, they can perform a deep evaluation of the overall process flow. That helps them identify the best way to fix the problem and optimize performance.

Responsiveness: WesTech’s nearly half century of experience in the water industry means we understand the importance of keeping plant equipment running properly and will do everything possible to respond to service requests in a timely manner. We will do whatever it takes to meet your needs: initiating a phone or video call, relaying step-by-step instructions, arranging a quick drive out, or making a rush flight to the site.

Field service technicians

Training: During field visits, our engineers perform the requested task and also train plant staff in how to maintain a problem-free environment. They can also visit a site exclusively to train personnel on the proper operation and ins and outs of the plant’s operation. This benefit keeps the plant prepared for future maintenance issues and provides a resource for plants that are coping with retiring operators who have decades of experience in problem-solving plant issues.

Troubleshooting: Every problem has a root cause. Skilled professionals will look at every step of the process flow and provide recommendations to help plant staff maximize productivity and foresee future issues. If the problem is beyond a specific piece of equipment, the expertise of the whole WesTech team is brought in to solve the issue.

Trust: WesTech field engineers do their homework before coming to a site, understanding the ins and outs of the equipment. Once on site, they take time to learn about the specific conditions at the plant, get to know the staff, and strive to create a successful solution.

Engineers ensure that everything is done correctly, 100 percent complete, before leaving the site.

Dual Approach

Field engineers support the life of equipment, addressing both emergency requests and long-term maintenance.

Proactive – Maintenance

“I want scheduled maintenance to prevent emergencies.”

This proactive approach to preventative maintenance provides peace of mind that service engineers will make regular check-in visits and address calls to WesTech with a priority response when a problem arises. A service agreement can be arranged at the time of equipment purchase or down the road.

The timing of service visits can be once a year or as often as once a month, depending on the needs of the plant. Each visit is structured like a field engineer visit, except there is a set schedule for a series of check-ins. The service agreement has an additional financial benefit to the customer because parts are discounted.

Reactive – Emergency Response and Resolution

“Help, my equipment is down, and I need assistance.”

A customer looking for quick help getting equipment back up and running can contact field engineers who can be available 24/7 for consultation and site visits. This may be a situation where a temporary rental solution allows the facility to get running again while a long-term solution is addressed.

For replacement parts, WesTech field engineers can come on-site and provide a turnkey approach – delivering, installing, and testing the equipment part to make sure it is correct.

Option for Comprehensive Operations

When regular field engineer visits do not address a full-service need, WesTech offers a full range of solutions, such as turnkey projects; construction management; collaborative delivery; engineering, production, procurement (EPC); and plant installation.

These solutions eliminate the challenge of finding and hiring the right people with specialized training and skills and allow organizations to focus on their core business.

Operations experts come on-site to provide equipment and manpower for a complete solution. They are cross trained to provide every aspect of water and wastewater treatment plant operations – from the required chemistry, to meeting discharge limits, to providing equipment operations and maintenance.

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Benefits of Field Service Agreements

  • Provide insurance for future issues
  • Assure product quality
  • Show cost benefits when unplanned repairs are needed
  • Lengthen the equipment lifetime
  • Provide experts who know/understand the equipment and will service it
  • Troubleshoot problems before they even happen
  • Offer reliability and security

The service agreement has an additional financial benefit to the customer because parts are discounted 5 - 15 percent and site visits are discounted 25 percent.

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