Steps Taken Now Can Prevent Future Equipment Failure

Preventative Water Treatment Plant Maintenance

Plant operators avoid catastrophic breakdowns when preventative maintenance is implemented on a regular basis. A water or wastewater treatment plant maintenance program establishes consistent practices that enhance the equipment’s performance and safety for long-term dependability.

Planned maintenance using WesTech parts and service will reduce costly fixes down the line. Money may be saved in the short term by not investing in maintenance, but it often ends up costing even more in the long run.

O&M Manuals, Specifications, Maintenance Schedules

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Customer-Performed Maintenance

Customers can proactively identify ways to prevent problems before they occur by scheduling planned maintenance actions. This is done by watching for excessive wear on equipment components and securing necessary replacement parts for future planned maintenance.

WesTech can help identify the parts needed and provide instructions on lubrication and inspections. The preventative maintenance can be done by a plant employee, or WesTech can be hired to do it.

A proper preventative maintenance plan should include:

  • Lubrication
  • Inspection
  • Identification of wear
  • Key wear parts on hand

Stuck? WesTech Support Is Available

Field Services Visit: Customers can engage a qualified expert to visit a site and make sure the equipment is operating at its top performance, including advice on what wear parts to have on hand.

During visits, the field services engineer will evaluate operational data, review critical trending data, train personnel, and discuss questions concerning operational needs.

Service Agreements: For regular equipment check-ups, a formal service agreement is available. This agreement provides regular field services site visits, technical support by phone, parts discounts, and priority attention should unanticipated problems arise between visits. With older equipment, a service agreement protects against unforeseen needs before they present a serious problem.

Plant Operations: When there is a comprehensive service need, WesTech offers preventative maintenance through technical advisors who are part of larger turnkey operations. With on-site services, organizations are assured that they can meet discharge regulations without an interruption in their operations.

A Service Agreement Includes

  • Proper lubrication of equipment and routine maintenance
  • Routine inspection of all moving parts
  • An equipment performance audit
  • Early identification of wear, preventing future expense
  • Recommendations for parts inventory
  • Review of maintenance records
  • Training for operators to increase their understanding of equipment
  • Discounts on spare parts and installation as well as emergency site visits

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