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Water and Wastewater Replacement Parts

Knowing where to get replacement parts for water or wastewater treatment plant equipment and which key wear parts to have on hand is essential in keeping operational interruptions to a minimum. Stocking these items will maximize savings, minimize disruptions, maintain peak productivity, and form the basis of a successful preventative maintenance strategy.

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The Importance of Replacement and Wear Parts

The best water treatment plant maintenance program includes replacing parts that wear out after long-term use. Those worn parts will need to be proactively replaced before they break and cause extended downtime. Replacement and wear parts can:

  • Restore performance strengths
  • Upgrade or retrofit clarifiers and thickeners
  • Meet the specifications of all mechanism types
  • Extend equipment service years

Supplying Parts

WesTech has supplied the very best replacement parts to the water and wastewater industry for nearly half a century. The durability and reliability of WesTech water treatment plant parts are well-known in the industry. More than just parts, WesTech advises plant operators on the best way to improve the function and performance of the entire process.

With a complete range of parts for systems in all industries, WesTech provides replacement parts with the insight gained from manufacturing the original equipment. WesTech replacements are backed by a one-year warranty.

In case of emergencies, WesTech will do everything possible to ensure that customers don’t have to wait longer than needed. By using same day shipping or expediting delivery, the part will get there as soon as possible if it is available in inventory. For a longer delay, our experts will recommend alternate solutions.

While specializing in replacement parts for WesTech equipment, the company also takes great pride in the ability to provide parts for other brands of water and wastewater equipment by taking a few additional steps.


Maintaining consistent operations based on rising demands can become a challenge for owners and operators. A sustainable operation may require improvements and upgrades beyond a replacement. When it comes to plant upgrades, WesTech is your partner and can help assess whether a replacement or enhancement is needed.

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Drive Replacements

Heavy duty drive unit

While replacement and wear parts are available for all equipment lines, some of the most requested parts are drive units. WesTech can offer a quick turnaround time on the most common retrofits.

WesTech drive units are made from fabricated steel and can be easily customized to any clarifier or thickener, including other manufacturers’ units. The maintenance headaches associated with rebuilding an existing drive are avoided with a replacement drive.

These replacement drives offer:

  • The same efficient components and quality manufacturing as WesTech standard drives
  • Long equipment life
  • Less maintenance requirements
  • Extended warranty

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