Adsorption Clarifier®

The Adsorption Clarifier Packaged Configuration System - The Industry Leader In Buoyant Upflow Media Clarification

The innovative Adsorption Clarifier® combines mixing, flocculation and clarification in a small footprint, single process step that reduces cost and increases efficiency for your process.

The Adsorption Clarifier Packaged Configuration System was invented in 1982 and quickly revolutionized how engineers thought about clarification processes. For the first time, clarification could be achieved without separate mixing, flocculation and clarification basins.

Today, with more than 1,000 in operation, Adsorption Clarifier systems are an integral part of Microfloc packaged treatment systems and provides your plant with maximum efficiency and performance with minimal size and cost requirements.

How It Works

In an Adsorption Clarifier, coagulant is added as water enters the bottom of the unit. Water follows an upward path through a bed of buoyant plastic media, where the tortuous path causes mixing and collisions of coagulated particles. The buoyant clarifier media adsorbs the coagulated particles, eliminating the need for settling.

The Adsorption Clarifier is cleaned periodically using water at process flow rates combined with a small amount of air. The media bed becomes completely fluidized, creating a vigorous mixing environment allowing captured solids to be effectively removed. Specifications include:

  • Standard steel tank designs for 265-2100 gpm per unit
  • Concrete units for 3-6 MGD per unit
  • High rate treatment of 10 gpm/sq.ft. (25 m/hr)
  • Minimal ceiling height: 8'-5" (2.6 m)
  • Factory assembly

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