MudMax™ Bed-Level Monitoring System

Patented Bed-Level Instrument That Brings Thickener Control Within Reach

MudMax™ uses advanced technology to deliver a first-of-its-kind bed-level monitoring system that provides 360-degree bed-level measurement inside thickeners and clarifiers.

Multiple sensors located in the active bed-level area directly detect and accurately measure bed levels. With a simple design that attaches to the rake arm, this practical, long-term solution uses a series of pipe-mounted differential-pressure sensors that continuously measure and wirelessly transmit the drag forces of compacting solids as the rake arm moves through the bed’s operating zone.

A bridge-mounted receiver uses the sensors’ data to calculate the bed level. It then sends its continuous, real-time measurements to the plant’s distributed control system (DCS), enabling automated bed-level control. The MudMax supports a variety of platforms and systems to meet each plant’s particular needs.


MudMax Bed-Level Monitoring System for Thickener Control

Our MudMax uses advanced technology in a first-of-its-kind bed-level monitoring system that delivers 360-degree measurements from inside the thickener bed. Its real-time data enables unparalleled levels of thickener control, helping plants avoid costly shutdowns, optimize flocculant usage, and save water.

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Reliable Visibility Enables Unprecedented Control

Although the thickening process is straightforward, plant operators must maintain the right balance between the amount of water at the top of the thickener and the density of settled solids at the bottom. When bed levels are too high, solids can spill into the launder. Low bed levels can result in water loss.

MudMax provides the accurate bed-level measurements that plants need to perform this challenging balancing act. By optimizing thickener performance, plants can reduce flocculant usage and increase water reuse. Because water and flocculant represent two of the biggest operational expenses that thickeners incur, and because it enables automation that saves operators’ time, MudMax helps plants reduce their operational costs.

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Municipalities and industries worldwide have long needed an accurate and reliable tool that provides in-tank bed-level visibility. With MudMax, WesTech again illustrates its passion for solving problems and providing customers with not merely solutions, but with the best solutions.

Benefits and Features

  • Retrofit ready: MudMax is available in a variety of models and is customizable, making it an ideal monitoring solution for new and existing thickeners and clarifiers that do not have bed-monitoring tools.
  • Continuous monitoring: MudMax continuously takes readings and converts them into a bed level, providing a real-time view of the bed height.
  • Direct bed measurement: MudMax makes direct contact with settled solids to more accurately measure bed depth.
  • Low maintenance: The MudMax requires only yearly maintenance to check sensors and change the battery.
  • Full 360-degree average: Sensors continuously transmit bed-level data as the rake arm moves around the tank circumference. MudMax extrapolates accurate measurements based on continuous, 360-degree sensor data.
  • Automated tank operation: MudMax provides a 4- to 20-milliamp output signal corresponding to bed level, enabling customers to automate discharge rates for worry-free operation.
  • Reduces operational costs: MudMax helps plants save water, optimize flocculant dosage, and allocate fewer labor hours for operation.
  • Enables automated operation: Automation is more than a convenience. It reduces costs and helps prevent human error.
  • Delivers reliable, continuous monitoring: With MudMax, plant operators have a real-time view of the bed depth and can make adjustments accordingly to optimize thickener performance.
  • Helps maintain optimal underflow: Continuous measurements help operators ensure that the thickener or clarifier is producing consistent tailings to prevent underflow plugging.
  • Retrofits on existing thickeners and clarifiers
  • New thickeners
  • Counter current decantation (CCD) circuits
  • Clarifiers
  • Water treatment

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