Buoyant Media Clarifier

Buoyant Media Clarifier Overview

The Buoyant Media Clarifier represents the latest technology in clarification solutions. The Buoyant Media Clarifier contains a floating bed of filter media which acts to clarify the overflow. Overflow clarities of 20ppm have been achieved in applications where conventional clarifier technology failed to achieve 120ppm. The Buoyant Media Clarifier can, in fact, produce overflow clarities similar to that of traditional filters, without the high capital and running costs.

The clarifier is a modified Ultra High-Rate Thickener, which has been modified to include a screen deck in the clear water zone of the thickener. Floating filter beads are located below the screen, where they act with the flocculant to filter the overflow from the thickener. The key to the successful long-term operation of the clarifier lies with the correct design and engineering of the process control system in order to back flush the filter bed. This system breaks up the bed to renew the filtration properties of the bed. The clarifiers installed continue to perform well beyond the requirements of the clients.

Benefits and Features

  • No moving parts
  • Small footprint
  • Developed specifically for clarification of pregnant solution
  • Eliminates sand filtration
  • Clarifies to less than 20 PPM
  • Pregnant solutions
  • Solvent extraction
  • All mineral clarification needs

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