Landox Channel Aeration System

Landox Channel Aeration System with Oxidation Ditch Rotors

The Landox Channel Aeration System combines vertical drum mixers with fine bubble diffusion in an oxidation ditch arrangement.

The design of the Landox Channel Aeration System separates mixing and aeration into independent operations. This separation allows for power turn-down of aeration given variable influent conditions while maintaining constant mixing. Independent control of the aeration also provides the ability to accomplish simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in the same reactor.

Fine bubble diffusers have commonly been used in oxidation ditch applications. Typically the mixing will be done with submerged flow boosters installed in the ditch channels. The Landox mixing drum would replace these submerged flow boosters with a mixer that has all maintenance items above the water level.

The Landox mixing drum rotates slowly to avoid any rags or fibrous material from collecting on the equipment. Plant operators have strongly endorsed this system to eliminate the maintenance of a submerged flow booster.

The Landox drum also accommodates deep ditch applications where efficient propulsion will be critical. A deeper tank allows a smaller footprint for sites with space constraints.

The Landox rotor operates in the bend of the oxidation ditch, which is the optimal location for two reasons:

First, when the propulsion equipment is located in the bend of the oxidation ditch, the diffusers can be placed without any floor space restrictions. Therefore, the total available area for the diffusers will be maximized with the use of the Landox mixer. When using a submersible flow booster for propulsion, there will be “diffuser free” zones on both sides of the equipment. Accordingly, the diffusers have location constraints on the floor of the oxidation ditch.

Second, dead zones frequently develop after the bends of an oxidation ditch because the change of direction can decrease the velocity. These dead zones lead to the precipitation of solid particles in the wastewater. The location of the Landox rotor in the bend eliminates these potential dead zones.

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