Industrial Drive Units

Industrial Clarifier and Thickener Drive Units

WesTech is well known for providing top-quality process equipment for industrial and minerals liquid-solids separation. We stand behind our equipment, which has proven to meet the toughest of requirements. The WesTech drive unit has helped earn this reputation.

WesTech clarifier and thickener drive units provide the rotational force necessary to turn rake arms in a circular basin, transporting settled solids to the center of the tank for removal. WesTech’s drive design takes advantage of direct in-line, high-efficiency reducer and motor stacks.

In addition, WesTech provides durable precision bearings, state-of-the art torque protection, impeller or flocculator options, and rake lifting capabilities, combined as appropriate to result in off-the-shelf but customized designs for various process applications.

WesTech drives are ideal for applications in hard rock mining, acid mine drainage, coal preparation, flue-gas desulfurization, potash, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and many more.

Retrofits and Upgrades

WesTech’s robust, heavy-duty drive units are proven workhorses in mining and industrial applications. Under the most extreme operating conditions, WesTech’s drives perform with minimal operator attention and provide long-lasting service.

WesTech is experienced in upgrading existing equipment and retrofitting our drives to mechanisms from any manufacturer. With every drive retrofit, WesTech visits the site to inspect the existing equipment, thoroughly record measurements and connections, and plan for any special installation requirements.

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Drive Unit Types

Shaft Drive: A shaft drive is provided when the entire mechanism is supported by a full-span bridge. The bridge-mounted drive transmits power to the solids collecting rakes through a center drive shaft. WesTech offers many gear sizes driven by single or multi-pinion reducer stacks, to meet a wide range of process torque requirements.

Shaft Drive Optional Lift: In heavy-duty industrial applications where torque can peak rapidly, drives can be provided with a lifting device to raise the rakes out of the dense, settled slurry. As the rakes are raised from the slurry, the torque load decreases and operation continues, which gives the operator time to make necessary system adjustments. The operator then slowly lowers the rakes back to their original position, avoiding any shut-down time.

Cage Drive: A cage drive rests on a stationary column mounted in the center of the tank. A half or full-span bridge then attaches to the robust housing of the drive unit. The column-mounted drive turns the sludge collection system through a center cage mechanism. WesTech offers different gear sizes and single or multi-pinion drive stacks, to meet a wide range of process torque requirements.

Cage Drive Optional Lift: As with shaft drives (see above), cage drives can be provided with a lifting device to raise the rakes out of the dense, settled slurry.

Dual Drive: A dual drive is used in Solids CONTACT CLARIFIERS™ and Flocculating Clarifiers. The robust drive rotates the sludge scraping system at a slow constant speed through a reduction stack and slewing bearing (with integral gear) connected to the mechanism. Another reduction stack and slewing bearing (with integral gear) drive a second shaft connected to the centrifugal impeller or flocculator. The speed of the impeller or flocculator is typically changed by a variable-speed motor control. This allows the operator to fine tune the mix zone for the most efficient process. The maintenance-friendly and highly efficient dual drive is an integral part of the WesTech solids contact and flocculating technologies and is an industry leader in drive products. The WesTech dual drive can be provided as either a shaft drive or cage drive version, with an available lift option on the shaft drive model.

Paste Thickener Drive: Paste thickener drives offer extra heavy-duty high torque designs to power the raking mechanism through heavy solids concentrations without the need of lifting the rakes. Thickening a stream to produce paste offers unique advantages. The drive is designed to withstand heavy loading and is a critical component to the paste thickening process. The WesTech PasteThick™ drive can be provided as either a shaft drive or cage drive version.

Traction Drive: A WesTech traction drive thickener can be used as an alternative to the conventional center drive thickener. Typically, for minerals applications when the required diameter exceeds 75m, the Titan™ Traction Thickener becomes economically viable. For diameters exceeding 100m, the Titan Traction Thickener is the preferred choice. The Titan Traction Thickener is a column-supported unit driven by a tractor using a rail at the periphery of the tank with the rake/cage assembly pivoting around the center column.

A rim drive is attached to the end of a half or full span walkway and travels around the perimeter of the tank. Motive force is transmitted from the rim drive through the walkway, then to the attached sludge collection system in the tank.

WesTech offers a variety of rim drives for several applications. Due to the geometric configuration of the rim drive clarifier, extremely high continuous operating torques can be obtained from this type of system.

Reduction Types

For primary and secondary stage reductions, WesTech uses a mix of reduction types including helical and planetary gear boxes as well as cycloidal units to best match torque needs and drive design to process requirements.

For final stage reduction, WesTech uses a precision locked raceway slewing bearing with integral gear. The precision bearing can be found in other tough applications like overhead cranes, gun turrets, track hoes, and windmills.

The locked race precision bearing easily resists the powerful overturning moments created by unbalanced loads in sedimentation basins.

Benefits and Features

  • Direct coupling throughout the drive.
  • Torque overload control
  • Pinion Shaft and Main Bearing tooth configuration
  • Lower pinion bearing.
  • Fabricated steel double plate housing design.
  • Paint system is a three-step application of epoxy/polyurethane enamel.
  • Both oil lubricated and grease lubricated models of all designs.
  • Cycloidal type gearless reducers.
  • Wide range of speed reduction ratios available.
  • Precision main gear bearing: Calculated service life of over 100 years. The one-piece alloy steel gear is 285-350 BHN hardness. This has proven to be an optimal hardness for exceptional bearing life.
  • Eliminates chain and belt transmissions.
  • Makes accurate torque measurement, sounds alarm and cuts power per operator pre-sets.
  • Improves safety and reduces maintenance requirements.
  • Prevents overhung loads.
  • Increases load distribution and reduces gear wear.
  • Optimal corrosion resistance.
  • Stronger and more rigid than cast iron with better fatigue strength and ductility.
  • Ease of lubrication and ease of condensate removal for maintenance.
  • High power transfer efficiency of 95% and greater.
  • Handles high mechanism shock loads with no heat build-up or associated wear.
  • Contact clarifiers for raw water
  • Concentrate and tailings thickeners
  • Paste thickeners
  • CCD circuits
  • DAF units for oily wastes
  • Circular oil/water separators
  • General-duty clarifiers and thickeners

WesTech also provides drive units for municipal water and wastewater equipment. Visit our municipal drive unit page for more information.

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