Electrodeionization (EDI) System

EDI for High Purity and Ultrapure Applications

Electrodeionization (EDI) is a continuous process that utilizes an applied current to remove ionized and ionizable species from a water source while continuously regenerating the ion exchange media.

Ions are transferred to concentrate chambers by the use of cationic and anionic semi-permeable membranes and flushed out of the module through a continuous waste stream. Dilute product water moves through the dilute chamber and out of the module. An on-skid rectifier will apply a voltage to remove dissolved impurities.

EDI is used for high purity and ultrapure applications, including boiler feed makeup water, where required product resistivity is ≥ 5MΩ. EDI typically follows a single or double pass reverse osmosis system (RO).

WesTech’s ability to provide EDI pre-treatment including clarification, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis ensures that all parts of the system will work seamlessly together. With more than 40 years of water treatment experience, our complete process knowledge, and our dedication to customer service, we offer the best and most complete high purity treatment solutions to meet your needs.

WesTech has been supporting the power industry for over 20 years, with a specialized team exclusively dedicated to water/wastewater solutions for the power market. In order to provide a more complete solution for power systems, WesTech has added electrodeionization and ion exchange technologies, with a focus on boiler feed water makeup.

Utilizing our extensive water purification experience and working with industry partners, WesTech’s dedicated membrane team has developed a high-quality, cost-effective electrodeionization system designed to produce reliable, high-quality product water without the need for chemical regeneration. WesTech’s full demineralization train ensures interruption-free operation, integrated controls, and a fully-optimized, consolidated system.

Systems are skid-mounted and factory-tested for ease of installation, straightforward operation, and long-term reliability. Major equipment and valves are pre-configured for efficient and error-free commissioning. Controls are fully-automated and completed by in-house electrical engineers and process automation experts.

Benefits and Features

  • System/process design and module integration
  • Skid-mounted system
  • Valves/instrumentation/controls
  • Continuous regeneration without chemical use
  • Produces consistent product water
  • Fewer interruptions in production cycle
  • Lower chemical usage
  • Boiler feed water for power generation
  • High purity applications

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