Filter Presses

Equipment Overview

An excellent choice for achieving optimum solution recovery and maximum solids dryness, the WesTech Filter Press is available from 1m2 to 500m2 at operating pressures up to 25 bar. The press comprises a steel framework with a hydraulic closing cylinder which locks a pack of filter plates in place. The filter plates have an internal recess, with a feed inlet and a filtrate drainage grid.

A filter cloth lies over the drainage grid and forms a chamber into which feed slurry is introduced under pressure. As the chamber fills under pressure, filtrate moves through the filter cloth and exits via the plate drainage grid. The solids are trapped in the chamber and formed into a solid cake. At this point the feed is stopped and the cake may be washed or air-dried by forcing water or air from one side of the cake to the other.

When solids discharge is required, the closing cylinder is then closed to repeat the cycle. Options include membrane plates, which are inflated pneumatically or hydraulically at the completion of dewatering. These plates further reduce final moisture content in poor filtering materials such as clay.

Benefits and Features

  • Few Moving Parts
  • Conservative Sizing Parameters
  • Low Internal Velocities
  • Simple Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Mineral Concentrates
  • Fine Coal
  • Underground Mud
  • Clays and Kaolin
  • Lime Mud
  • Phosphate Rock
  • Effluent Treatment

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