Granular Activated Carbon Contactors

WesTech granular activated carbon (GAC) contactors are an effective means for removal of various-molecular-weight contaminants from aqueous solutions. They are especially suited for removing dissolved organic compounds responsible for poor taste and odor in drinking water, removing chlorine from industrial waters, and eliminating PFAS.

WesTech GAC contactors can be supplied in an open-top gravity system or, more commonly, in pressure vessels. They are typically designed with a conical underdrain for convenient GAC replacement. These contactors are sized according to the contact time required for contaminant removal and desired media replacement frequency. Contactor piping and valving for multiple units can be arranged to easily change flow paths between parallel flow, series (lead/lag or daisy chain) flow, or single-unit flow patterns.

Contactors are typically backwashed once, when new media is installed, and then fluffed occasionally, depending on customer needs. The contaminant breakthrough in the media bed is monitored via sample taps to allow for anticipation of media replacement.

Benefits and Features


  • Removal of contaminants including PFAS, disinfection byproducts, pesticides, VOCs, TOCs, and many more
  • Groundwater under the influence of surface water
  • Plant process water
  • Surface water treatment

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