Conventional Gravity Thickener

Conventional Gravity Thickener Overview

WesTech’s complete line of high rate, heavy duty thickeners offers the most advanced designs for use in the industry. WesTech equipment is engineered and manufactured to the highest standard in quality. It offers the precision and durability required to keep your process going. Using customer specifications, standard methods, and computer software for sizing and drafting, WesTech custom designs each project. Cost competitive equipment and proven results assure that your process needs are fully considered in the design of each mechanism.

High rate thickener units are provided in sizes ranging from 5' to 250' in diameter, and can accommodate drive head torques of up to 4 million foot pounds. They are available in shaft or cage driven models.

Shaft drive thickeners can be truss or beam supported for heavy duty applications. A heavy duty drive unit with precision bearing and gear transmits torque through a steel center shaft to the rake arms. Equipped with Torkmatic drive control, the WesTech drive unit senses increasing torque and overload conditions, and will sound an alarm to alert an operator. If excessive torque is sensed, the drive control will shut down the unit until conditions permit safe operation. The shaft drive unit is equipped with a rake lifting device, providing added mechanism protection and operation flexibility in an overload condition.

Cage drive units are suitable for larger thickeners and can provide the torque needed in heavy-duty thickening applications. The cage drive is supported by a steel center column. These units transmit torque from a fabricated steel drive unit with precision bearing and gear through a center cage of box truss construction. WesTech cage drive units are also equipped with Torkmatic drive control and can be designed with lifting capabilities.

Benefits and Features

  • Robust construction
  • Self-diluting feedwell
  • Enhanced polymer injection systems
  • Cage and shaft lifting
  • Optimum flocculation
  • Long service life
  • Higher settling rate
  • Prevents mechanism damage
  • High solids transport efficiency

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