AltaFlo™ High-Rate Thickener

AltaFlo High-Rate Thickener Overview

The AltaFlo™ ultra high-rate thickener is a rake-less thickener that provides mixing, flocculation and internal dilution followed by clarification and positive sludge collection and removal in a single tank. The principles of flocculation have been further adapted to a new design that will thicken slurries at an even higher rate than a typical high-rate thickener.

The AltaFlo provides the highest throughput per square meter of any thickener on the market. With excellent overflow clarity and underflow density similar to or better than conventional high-rate thickeners, the AltaFlo has a unique place in the market. The small footprint makes it an excellent choice when space is at a premium. AltaFlo ultra high-rate thickeners perform well as tailings thickeners, in CCD circuits, as concentrate thickeners, and in leaching circuits. The low CAPEX economics of an AltaFlo also make it a perfect solution for dewatering non-profit streams.

The heart of any thickener or clarifier is the feedwell. The AltaFlo utilizes the latest feedwell designs to ensure optimal flocculation of the solids. This, combined with its unique dewatering cones, provides the extraordinarily high throughput of the AltaFlo. The innovative dewatering cones system provides rapid removal of water from the settling and compaction zone of the thickener. The AltaFlo operates with typically the same flocculant consumption as compared to a high-rate thickener processing the same material.

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Benefits and Features

  • Rake-less design with no moving parts or wear items
  • Internal automatic dilution circuit
  • Small footprint
  • Simple design
  • Simple maintenance and process control
  • Dense underflow solids
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low capital and operating costs
  • Lowers flocculent consumption and improves settling rate
  • Process adaptability
  • Generally shorter delivery and commissioning times
  • Concentrates
  • Ni/CU flotation
  • Gold mill circuit
  • Phosphates
  • Backfill slimes
  • Diamonds (alluvial)
  • Tailings re-treatment
  • Uranium diurinate
  • Iron ore tailings
  • Gold tailings

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