Horizontal Belt Filter

Horizontal Belt Filter Overview

WesTech Horizontal Belt Filters provide a continuous vacuum on a horizontal plane. Slurries are fed onto a filter cloth supported by a traveling drainage belt. Horizontal belt filters are especially adaptable to applications where low cake moisture is desirable.

Backed by extensive practical experience gained from a wide range of applications worldwide, WesTech offers a complete engineering and contracting service to the liquid/solids separation industry. WesTech horizontal belt vacuum filters have been developed and improved in mechanical design by working closely with engineers and operators at many key installations.

Today WesTech offers a wide range of units from the smallest 10 ft2 pilot filter up to 2000 ft2 in effective filtration area. All of these units are capable of running at speeds up to 200 ft/minute at vacuum levels up to 25 inches of mercury at sea level.

Making use of the most modern materials of construction, WesTech’s latest designs outperform traditional rotary drum, disc tilting pan and table filters in all situations, both in throughput and final cake moisture.

Benefits and Features

  • Single Source Supplier for Full FGD Process Train
  • Broad Process Experience
  • Robust Construction
  • High Efficiency Dewatering
  • Low Cake Moisture
  • Coal
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Chemicals
  • Copper leach
  • Gold
  • Industrial minerals
  • Uranium

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