MULTICELL® Horizontal Pressure Filter

MULTICELL Horizontal Pressure Filter

Filtration of Larger Flows with Horizontal Pressure Filters

MULTICELL® Horizontal Pressure Filters consist of a pressure vessel with an overdrain system for distribution of influent water and collection of backwash waste.

Horizontal Pressure Filters allow you to:

  • Maximize filtration area per footprint
  • Maintain system pressure through the treatment process
  • Eliminate backwash supply pumps
  • Utilize several media configurations

Horizontal Pressure Filters operate like other pressure filters although the horizontal configuration increases filtration area per footprint. Multiple cells can be installed in a single vessel to allow operating flexibility and backwashing from in-service cells. Over 1 MGD (4 MLD), they are more economical than several vertical pressure filters.


  • Enclosed filtration system
  • Water only or air scour backwash
  • Curved plate underdrain
  • Common underdrain system
  • Multiple cells in a single vessel


  • Line pressure maintained
  • Re-pumping after filtration eliminated
  • Provides most effective backwash for a specific system
  • Allows for easy inspection
  • Allows backwashing from in-service cells
  • Reduced backwash flow rate


Common applications include iron, manganese and arsenic removal from groundwater and industrial process water treatment. Vessel design and manufacturing includes non-code or ASME code with stamp for a wide range of operating pressures.


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