Aquarius® Package Water Treatment Plant

Economical Aquarius Flocculation, Sedimentation and Filtration in Packaged Configuration

Water filtration using the Aquarius® system provides high quality water treatment with minimal footprint and ceiling height. Automated system assures quality while packaged system minimizes installation costs.

Aquarius systems provide you:

  • 350 to 1400 gpm treatment per system
  • Modular construction
  • Dual tanks for redundancy
  • Effective removal of turbidity, color, iron, manganese and arsenic
  • Automatic operation by PLC and Aquaritrol® III chemical optimization

The Aquarius System: Microfloc Aquarius systems minimize size and cost and maximize efficiency and performance. It is one of the many packaged water treatment systems to solve your plant needs.

Growing Installation Base: Introduced in 1967, the number of locations are realizing that the benefits are growing. More than 300 units have been sold to date.

Benefits and Features

  • Modular construction
  • Two complete process trains
  • Automatic operation
  • Aquaritrol III process controller
  • High treatment rate
  • Lower installation costs and time
  • Uninterrupted water service
  • Less operator attention and higher quality effluent
  • Automatic chemical feed optimization
  • Less building space

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