Tri-Mite® Package Water Treatment Plant

Tri-Mite Factory-Assembled Package Water Treatment Plant

Microfloc Tri-Mite® technology offers significant advances in water and wastewater treatment at a lower capital outlay, in a smaller space and at a higher flow rate per unit area.

Tri-Mite PWTP provides you:

  • Buoyant media upflow Adsorption Clarifier™ system
  • Mixed media polishing filter
  • Five standard sizes from 50 – 350 gpm per unit
  • Small Footprint
  • Economical treatment of < 100 NTU or < 50 Color Units source waters
  • Fully factory assembled units

Surface water treatment for turbidity and color removal is the most common application. Tri-Mites also are applied to iron, manganese and arsenic from groundwater supplies. Factory assembly and wiring of the units greatly reduce installation costs compared to conventional designs.

Large installation base: Since its introduction, more than 160 Tri-Mites have been installed.

Benefits and Features

  • Pre-engineered
  • Fully factory assembled
  • Buoyant Media Clarifier
  • Two log removal credit of Cryptosporidium and Giardia, up to 3 log removal demonstrated in pilot studies.
  • Gravel-less underdrain system
  • Minimizes design costs
  • Minimizes installation costs
  • 75-95% turbidity removal rates
  • Increases filter run time
  • Increased net production through raw water flush
  • Smaller footprint compared to applicable conventional equipment
  • Meets enhanced surface water treatment rules
  • Proven process through trials testing
  • Eliminates costly gravel upsets

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