Trident® HS Package Water Treatment Plant

The Trident® HS package water treatment plant provides multi-barrier protection for difficult-to-treat surface water, groundwater, industrial process water, and tertiary wastewater. The multi-barrier design consists of packaged high-rate settling, adsorption clarification, and mixed media filtration.

Individually and collectively, the multiple treatment stages of the Trident HS system maintain superior effluent performance.

The City of Bloomfield, NM, solved a problem with turbidity spikes by installing a Trident HS package water treatment plant.

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Trident HS System - Multi-Barrier Protection

Multi-Barrier Protection

Trident HS Process Stages

Stage 1 - Chemical Conditioning / Tube Settling

Before water enters the treatment unit, coagulant and polymer are added to begin the coagulation and flocculation process. A sludge recycle flow is introduced near the coagulation point to aid in floc formation. This recycle flow also serves to maintain a steady-state solids concentration, minimizing variations in influent solids concentration. For plants incorporating enhanced coagulation, the tube clarification stage reduces influent solids concentration prior to the Adsorption Clarifier® stage, leaving the majority of coagulated particles in the tube settler clarifier. For cold water conditions, the tube clarifier provides added detention time.

Stage 2 - Enhanced Clarification

A buoyant adsorption media bed provides second-stage clarification. The Adsorption Clarifier media further reduces solids prior to filtration. Captured solids are periodically flushed from the clarifier using an air / water combination. Tube-clarified water is used for the flushing process.

Stage 3 - Mixed Media Filtration

Mixed media filtration removes the remaining solids using a bed of anthracite, sand, and high-density garnet supported by a direct retention underdrain. For improved filtration, the media surface area per volume increases from top to bottom and the backwashing process incorporates simultaneous air /water backwashing and baffled washtroughs to prevent media loss and assure clean media.

Benefits and Features

  • Multi-barrier treatment protection
  • High rate clarification processes in series
  • Standard system designs for a wide range of flow conditions
  • Automatic operation and control
  • Tube clarifier with integral sludge recirculation
  • Mixed media adsorption clarifier increases plant net production
  • Corrosion resistant system components
  • A full suite of filtration products to complete your system
  • Reliable, simple treatment for difficult waters
  • Handles high turbidity and organic loads with ease
  • Modular expansion capability
  • TOC reductions 55% or more when combined with filtration
  • Reduced disinfection by-product precursors (DBPP) and helps meet THM and HAA regulations
  • Minimizes waste production and operator attention
  • Smaller Footprint compared to conventional equipment
  • The Trident® HSC Systems minimize size and cost and maximize efficiency and performance for difficult to treat waters
  • High turbidity and color applications
  • Variable influent water conditions
  • Wastewater phosphorus removal
  • Enhanced coagulation treatment
  • Cold water conditions

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