Water Boy™ Package Water Treatment System

Packaged System Delivers Small Flow Treatment

Water Boy™ is a smaller version of the Aquarius® more suitable for small communities, low flow industrial applications, resorts, and recreation sites.

Water Boy provides you:

  • Small footprint
  • Complete self-contained treatment
  • Full factory assembly
  • Economical installation and operation
  • Four standard sizes for 10-100 gpm (2.3-23 m3/hr) per unit

Standard units include single stage flocculation with optional two-stage available. Compact footprint and complete factory assembly and testing make this an ideal water treatment unit for small systems.

Large Installation Base: Since its introduction, more than 400 Water Boy units have been installed to date.

Benefits and Features


  • Pre-engineered design
  • Factory assembled
  • Flocculation, tube settling chamber, and mixed media filter all in one module
  • Mixed-media filtration
  • Minimizes design costs
  • Minimizes Installation costs and time
  • Highly mobile
  • “Plug-and-play” operation
  • Smaller footprint compared to applicable conventional equipment
  • High-rate, high-performance filter bed
  • Long filter runs
  • Better effluent quality

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