Deep Bed™ Paste Thickener

Deep Bed Paste Thickener Overview

The original concept of the deep cone thickener was developed in the 1960’s using a steep angled cone and thickener bed to increase underflow density. Over the years, this thickening technology has evolved to produce a non-settling solids suspension with underflow concentrations much higher than what is produced with conventional or high-rate thickeners. WesTech’s Deep Bed™ Paste Thickener is the latest advancement in the evolution of this style of thickener.

The WesTech Deep Bed Paste Thickener can thicken a tailings stream to non-settling paste at solids concentrations approaching that of a filter cake. Design characteristics of the Deep Bed result in maximum water recovery, maximum underflow density, and paste with minimal slump.

An extra heavy-duty high torque drive powers the raking mechanism without the need of a rake lift. Process controls allow the thickener to achieve the desired underflow density and overflow clarity with the minimum flocculant dosage.

Benefits and Features

  • Height-to-diameter ratios typically as high as 2:1
  • Floor slope up to 45 degrees
  • Self-diluting feedwell
  • Diameters to over 20 m
  • Rake mechanism with full-length dewatering pickets
  • Typical Duty Rated Torque to over 1,000,000 ft-lbs
  • Efficient paste discharge
  • Maximum underflow density
  • Optimal flocculation
  • High-torque solids transport

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