RapiSand Plus™ Package Treatment Plant

A Package Treatment System for High Solids Waters

WesTech’s RapiSand Plus™ combined package water treatment system is uniquely designed with a comprehensive process of ballasted flocculation followed by media filtration. This product innovatively combines clarification and filtration into a single unit, resulting in excellent water quality. Ideal for small spaces, it effectively treats high solids waters, flashy waters, and difficult-to-treat waters under challenging conditions.

How does RapiSand Plus work?

The process starts with the WesTech RapiSand ballasted flocculation system. In the first section, raw water is mixed with coagulant. Two flocculation basins follow, where coagulated water is mixed with polymer and microsand. The polymer binds the microsand grains and the flocculated particles.

Next is the clarification section where the ballasted floc settles, and the clarified water passes up through tube settlers.

In the final filtration stage, the Microfloc™ mixed media filter system captures any floc particles by running through a filter bed containing three media layers of varying size and specific gravity. The bed removes turbidity, suspended solids, color, iron, and manganese. The result is superior quality finished water.

Process flow diagram for RapiSand Plus

RapiSand Plus - Treatment for High Solids Waters

The RapiSand Plus package water treatment system combines ballasted flocculation and media filtration to effectively treat high solids waters, flashy waters, and difficult-to-treat waters.

Simple, Versatile, Compact Footprint

The RapiSand Plus provides superior water treatment for small- to medium-sized plants. The system is able to handle waters of up to 1,000 NTU continuous turbidity, treated to less than 0.2 NTU turbidity to meet Drinking Water Standards.

The equipment’s high solids handling is significantly higher than typically seen in any sort of package plant or filtration system. The cost-effective water treatment system is ideal for tight spaces, remote areas, and smaller treatment system needs, with the versatility to treat water under extreme conditions and changing feeds. The filter is backwashed with the patented MULTIWASH® process that is designed to run at higher backwash rates, resulting in a vigorous backwash unmatched in the market.

Pilot Unit

The RapiSand Plus pilot unit can be installed at a specific location alone or in conjunction with other WesTech pilot units. Pilot testing is ideal for verifying process design, for evaluating full-scale operation, or for estimating ancillary equipment requirements.

Benefits and Features

  • Ballasted flocculation zone removes the bulk of the solids
  • Mixed media filter with a coarser material used at the top of the bed and becoming progressively finer throughout the entire bed depth, providing high solids storage and allowing for high rates without sacrificing water quality
  • Microfloc Aquaritrol® program optimizes color and turbidity removal by controlling the coagulant feed to achieve optimum results
  • MULTIWASH filtration process is incorporated into the filter design, combining air and water simultaneously for the duration of the backwash
  • Easy to install: Compact and fits into a standard-sized building
  • Self-contained: Two processes in one equipment unit
  • Small footprint: Much smaller footprint versus a conventional system
  • Quick start-up: Reaches steady state operation extremely fast. Plants can be operational in as little as 15 minutes from start-up.
  • Stable process: Creates high-quality water despite variations in raw water conditions – flow-rate, turbidity, or temperature
  • High performance: Typical outlet turbidity is 0.2 NTU or less
  • Cost savings: Energy saved in operations; money is saved during installation
  • Easy to expand: Flexible design with additional tanks available
  • Municipal water
  • Groundwater
  • Surfacewater
  • Municipal tertiary wastewater
  • Tertiary phosphorus removal
  • Industrial process water and wastewater
  • Algae removal
  • RO pretreatment
  • Boiler feed makeup
  • Cooling tower makeup

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