TOP™ Thickener Optimization Package

Thickener Optimization Package Overview

WesTech Engineering has taken the next step in advancing thickener technology with our Thickener Optimization Package (TOP™). The TOP thickener design approach adds ten innovative features to the thickener to provide a better process solution.

  1. EvenFlo® Feedwell: The feedwell is a core component for every thickener. Energy dissipation and even feed distribution from the EvenFlo feedwell help to minimize short-circuiting in the sedimentation zone.
  2. AirLift™ Feedwell Dilution: This option allows thickener operators to target a specific dilution flow rate with controlled precision without upsetting quiescent settling conditions. Optimized feedwell dilution can minimize chemical consumption while maximizing the solids settling rate.
  3. Extreme Duty Drive: WesTech’s TOP thickener drive design includes direct in-line high-efficiency reducer and motor stacks, a durable precision bearing, state-of-the-art torque protection, rake lifting capability, and a customized design for each application.
  4. TOP Control System: Each TOP control system package is customized to meet the specific needs for a given application. Designs can range from a reactive control logic, with a high level of operator interface to a proactive control logic, with complete automation and minimal operator interface.
  5. Inclined Dewatering Pickets: As settling solids begin to compact together, water becomes trapped in the interstitial spaces between the solids. In contrast to vertical pickets, inclined pickets provide a progressive cavity that allows for a continuous and unhindered pathway for water to escape from the compacted zone.
  6. Low Profile Raking System: Low profile rake support structures cut through the compacted slurry. Blade extension posts elevate the support structures from the solids transport zone. This results in lower energy consumption and more available torque for solids transport.
  7. Vortex Recirculation: WesTech’s Vortex recirculation system stabilizes underflow density control. An intermittent recirculation loop is used when underflow density is below specification.
  8. Dewatering Chamber: The geometry of the TOP dewatering chamber provides additional solids residence time and a larger inventory for compacted solids. Inclined scrapers are used for further dewatering within the chamber.
  9. Customized Tank Design: WesTech’s approach to elevated tank design is unique. An algorithm has been developed to simultaneously analyze parameters such as beam size, beam quantity, leg size, and leg location. Designs are verified using structural analysis software.
  10. CFD Analysis: Flow distribution patterns can be analyzed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). WesTech uses CFD technology as a tool to optimize the feed distribution system design.

Benefits and Features

  • EvenFlo Feedwell
  • AirLift Feedwell Dilution
  • Extreme Duty Drive
  • TOP Control System
  • Inclined Dewatering Pickets
  • Low Profile Raking System
  • Vortex Recirculation
  • Dewatering Chamber
  • Customized Tank Design
  • CFD Analysis
  • Minimized short-circuiting in the sedimentation zone
  • Minimized chemical consumption
  • Maximized solids settling rate
  • Low energy consumption
  • More available torque for solids transport
  • Additional solids residence time
  • Larger inventory of compacted solids

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