Titan™ Traction Thickener

Titan Traction Thickener

Titan™ Traction Thickener Overview:

The Titan™ traction thickener processes very high throughputs in a single thickener and cost-effectively provides greater torque in large units.

When sizing a high-rate thickener, one factor that limits the size and throughput in the unit is the available torque. This is particularly true with center-driven, high-rate thickeners. The use of a peripheral drive, like that on the Titan, takes advantage of the long ‘lever arm’ of the raking mechanism, instead of being limited by it like a center drive unit.

Experience in sizing, design, and operation of this type of thickener is critical. WesTech has the experience to successfully implement features such as:

  • Traction thickeners are generally larger than 50m (164ft) and can be well over 100m (328ft).
  • The thickener tank is an on-the-ground construction.
  • Feed system designed to manage the high energy of the large flow to properly flocculate and effectively transition the horizontal momentum to proper settling in the tank.
  • The underflow pumps are located directly under the thickener in a pump room serviced by a subterranean tunnel.

Consider a WesTech Titan traction-driven thickener for your high-tonnage thickening needs.

Titan Traction Diagram


  • Large diameter installations


  • Cost-effective alternative to conventional units
  • Lower maintenance


  • Minerals tailings
  • Alumina red mud
  • High-tonnage / high-torque applications


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